5 innovative ways to use floor graphics

Published by AMI-admin on 12th Nov 2020

It’s no surprise that the most popular application for floor graphics right now is social distancing signage, however, there are many creative applications for floor graphics that can easily be produced in-house and are not just limited to the one application. The beauty of printing your own floor graphics is that the only restriction is your imagination! Whatever business or industry you are in, there are many benefits in creating something visually appealing to communicate with your audience, whether they are students, customers or colleagues.

Floor graphics don’t have to be printed on wide format printers. We’ve introduced FloorSharK Dry toner so that A4 and SRA3 graphics can be created on smaller laser printers, allowing more opportunity for creativity to be brought to life!
It’s in our nature to look down to the ground, and this presents a great opportunity to do something eye-catching, educational or fun that isn’t going to cost the earth to produce.

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Here are our top 5 innovative ideas for floor graphics…

Just a note – the images used are to illustrate the applications and were not printed on our FloorSharK product.

1. Education and Learning

As cleverly done by this well-known brand, floor graphics can attract audiences of any age and can be used to create fun games both in and out of the classroom. They can also enhance learning, by printing designs such as mathematical puzzles, literacy challenges and science questions, to name but a few. These types of application are ideal for school classrooms and corridors.

2. ‘Way Finding’

Now a popular feature in hospitals and clinics, way finding floor graphics can provide helpful directions in a very visual format, relieving the need for hanging signage or relying on others to provide directions. The colour coding gives an easy visual guide of where people need to go, providing a fun element in the process.

3. Promoting Sustainability

One noticeable thing that we often see when we look down is litter. Floor graphics can be printed with reminders to pick up litter and take litter home. It’s been reported that more than a quarter of people admit to ‘carefully’ littering instead of throwing rubbish on the floor, so friendly reminders can only help with this problem by making people more aware.

4. Saving Space

Confined shops, waiting rooms and classrooms can all suffer from a lack of space, and hanging signage is often not practical or convenient. Floor graphics provide the ideal location for important communications such as directions to the nearest toilet or information about where to wait or queue. Graphics can also easily be removed and replaced as information needs to be updated (we can’t say this about all floor graphic products, but FloorShark is easily removable).

5. Advertising

Did you know that 45% of customers make spontaneous purchase decisions in-store? And that floor graphics are proven to increase sales by up to 30%?! Seasonal promotions, member discounts and special offers can be promoted using personalised floor graphics to get sales and marketing messages across quickly and with impact.

FloorSharK Dry Toner from Kernow Coatings is the World’s first anti-slip Dry Toner indoor floor graphic…

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