A digital synthetic with 40% less plastic

Published by Ben Lean on 10th Oct 2023

Putting our green foot forward

The printing industry looks to adhere to the four R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle and recover, and at Kernow, we follow these as closely as we can wherever possible.  With plastic such as hot topic in our industry, we’re looking to introduce more products which contain natural minerals as a replacement for non-renewable fossil fuels (oil).  This in turn works towards building a reduced carbon footprint and helps to reduce CO2 Emissions.

Although a manufacturer of synthetic materials, our focus on sustainability has never been clearer.  We are working to continuously improve the efficiency of our machines to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, switching to solar power and reviewing our systems and processes in order to reach our 0% landfill waste target.  Addressing waste management practices is vital to ensure that plastic leakage does not continue to increase.

For decades we have been at the forefront of coating innovations with regards to environmental issues by switching to aqueous coatings and natural materials at every opportunity.

Our sustainability vision has led to the introduction of an exciting change which we know will be a big hit with our customers.  KernowPrint ECO PRO Lite HEPP is a Polypropylene that contains up to 40% natural minerals as a replacement for non-renewable fossil fuels (oil) which enhanced the carbon footprint and help reducing its CO2 Emissions 80% lower than of PP/LDPE**.

This is a big step forward towards a durable synthetic which offers a more environment friendly and sustainable solution for our customers and in turn theirs.


  • Perfect feel for menus, tags, and booklets handled by customers
  • Prints like paper, durable like synthetic.
  • Weatherproof, waterproof, chemical proof and virtually indestructible!
  • Aqueous base coating compatible for both Dry Toner & HP Indigo

KernowPrint ECO PRO Lite is a durable Synthetic paper Compatible for both Dry Toner & HP Indigo.

** Typical carbon footprint stated by raw material supplier.

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