A Year of Progress at Kernow Coatings – Steve Gulliford

Published by Ben Lean on 30th Jun 2023

A Year of Progress at Kernow Coatings #Jamfirst

What a remarkable year it has been, both for me personally and for this company. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my reflections and insights on this incredible journey and what lies ahead for us.

Let’s start with my personal experience here at Kernow Coatings. The initial months were a bit disjointed, with a peculiar start involving a few unexpected days off and an unfortunate encounter with food poisoning that kept me out of commission for two weeks. I was eager to make my mark, but I didn’t envision it happening quite like that.

Assuming the role of Operations Director in August, I undertook the task of re-evaluating and changing processes, granting our team greater autonomy. These adjustments resulted in significant improvements and impressive results across the factory. Now, as CEO, I am excited to implement further changes to our leadership structure. By making strategic adjustments, we are unlocking a world of new possibilities for Kernow Coatings.

Now, let’s talk about the year ahead for Kernow Coatings.

As some long-serving Directors retire, we will witness a fresh look in our Operational Leadership team. I want to take a moment to personally express my gratitude to these individuals for their invaluable contributions to Kernow Coatings throughout their tenures.

With economic factors easing, including energy surcharges, and our internal process improvements, we are poised to pass on financial benefits to our distributors, partners, and customers. It has been a challenging period recently, and we sincerely thank them for their unwavering trust in Kernow—our brand, our quality, and our commitment to them.

Our team is more energized and determined than ever to succeed and make a lasting impact. This year, we will continue our focused efforts on continuous improvement, expanding our capacity, and exploring potential manufacturing opportunities as part of our strategic growth plan.

Following the resounding success of our participation in the FESPA exhibition, where we unveiled exciting new additions to our interior range, we are thrilled about the possibilities and growth potential this product line holds.

Moreover, we are eagerly gearing up to launch additional new products at Printing United in Atlanta, Georgia. Stay tuned to our website and other social media channels for updates.

This year promises to be an exhilarating one, where we must maintain our momentum, unwavering focus, and unrelenting energy to continuously delight our customers.

In closing, let’s remember our cherished motto: #Jamfirst.


Steve Gulliford CEO, Kernow Coatings

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