Education applications

Social distancing floor graphics.  Health & Safety signs.  ID badges.

Our Solution…

When paper is not tough enough, remove the need for lamination and try KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner.  From signs to removable self adhesive posters, we have a range of exciting media to enhance your classroom experience.

Kernow North America is a global leader in optimized high-performance coatings. Printer OEMs and leading national brands trust and certify us for wide format and narrow format specialized print media - synthetics, self-adhesives, floor graphics, colours and metallics.
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A major University in America has been printing their Graduation Day Invitations on high-end board and foil stamping their university crest for years. Their process improved when they switched to KernowPrint MetaliK® for HP Indigo silver board and completed the print run days faster, and eliminated the expensive risk of mistakes and costly re-runs during the foil stamping process. The MetaliK board features our Cobalt™ Coating Technology which promotes easy runability with excellent static control. The University saved over 15% on the total applied cost of each piece.


Whiteboards are in every school, university, and learning centre around the globe. Most of them are stained with ghost writing, never to be removed. With KernowJet KlearWipe, there’s finally the perfect solution for long term dry-erase surfaces. KernowJet KlearWipe is a clear, PVC-free dry-erase lamination film. It can be manually wet applied or mechanically laminated to any smooth surface to turn it into a dry erase surface. Watch the video!

Personalised Learning Aids

Personalised rulers, bookmarks, and bag tags help motivate students and faculty alike.  KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner products are tearproof, waterproof, and made to last term after term.

Durable Documents

Create timetables, calendars, ID badges, library cards and countless other documents that are tearproof, waterproof and durable. Our KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner products withstand daily use and repeated handling.