Government and Local Councils

From public notices to durable documents, KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner products can save time and money over laminating, and looks more professional too!

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Parking Permits

Print instant parking permits using our pre-designed perforated product. KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner pre-perforated products  provide you with ultra durable print and go, pre die-cut sheets without the need to waste money on expensive dies and costly laminations.

Public Notices

Council notices from planning applications to public safety alerts must legally be legible. Printed with KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner, there is no need to laminate and it is waterproof right from the printer. Simply print and go!

Security Identification

Print instant ID badges using our pre-designed perforated product.  Print on demand with no need for a plastic pouch, just clip and go. KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner pre-perforated sheets are ready to run out of the box with complimentary templates. Ready to run, ready to deliver!