Industrial applications

Safety signage and labels.  Safety floor graphics.  Chemical resistant labelling.  Waterproof, tear proof documents.

Our Solution…

KernowPrint Dry Toner films can withstand the toughest environments and conditions you can throw at it.  Mining, drilling, construction, or demolition, your documents and manuals will survive it all.

Kernow North America is a global leader in optimized high-performance coatings. Printer OEMs and leading national brands trust and certify us for wide format and narrow format specialized print media - synthetics, self-adhesives, floor graphics, colours and metallics.
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Durable Labelling

Barrel and drum labels needs to easy to read and ready to last.  With KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner, our chemical, oil, and grease resistant materials will last in the harshest of conditions.  Combine with the industry’s leading adhesive for drum labelling, your identification stickers will hold when you need them to the most.

Our waterproof labelling material is ideal for people looking for a durable label which is long-lasting, in the toughest of outdoor climates and for barrels and drums which are stored outside and are prone to the elements.

Adhesives available include microsphere, marine (‘BS5609’), extra permanent, repositionable and high performance solvent permanent and removable; stocked release liners include glassine, 90gsm kraft, 140 gsm kraft and films.

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Chemical Resistant

KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner films are resistant to: Gasoline (Petroleum Spirit) and Diesel splashes, Brake cleaner , motor oil, Castrol™ lubricating grease , WD-40®, Hydraulic fluid, Aviation fuel, , Cutting oil and degreaser, Ammonia solutions (25%-35%).  Whether you’re changing the oil in a car or working on an oil rig, keep your work orders and paperwork clean, protected, and easy to read.

Documents and Manuals

Choose KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner products for your manuals, safety documents and labels. They are tearproof and waterproof – your only solution when paper is not tough enough.