Outdoor Signage

Signage, public notices, events, and safety are just a few of the applications for our durable films.

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Government and Local Councils

County Councils use KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner to print public notices, ensuring they are legible even in the wind, rain, and snow! KernowPrint prints just like paper, and there is no need to laminate – saving you time and money!

Create Custom Notices

Print custom notices from race directions for a charity fundraiser, an open day at your school, or a promotional event, on waterproof, tear-resistant synthetics that print like paper.

Targeted Signage

Where safety is on the line, you can’t afford to have signs get damaged, scuffed, or torn.  Our ultra-durable KEROWPRINT Dry Toner films are resistant to chemicals, nearly indestructible, and guaranteed to hold up when you need them to most. Our synthetic films can be hole punched or drilled for assembly and are tear-resistant.

Outdoor Advertising

Don’t let rain, snow, and tough elements dampen your product and brand image.  Use our KERNOWPRINT synthetic media used for outdoor product advertising and signs to insures that shoppers will always be able to find the information they need and your products will always look great.

Charity Case Study

The Flicka Foundation knew that every rescued horse and donkey has a story that needs to be told, and they know their visitors want to hear them.  By utilizing our KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner films to produce signs for each special resident, along with safety signs and special care instructions, every animal was able to receive the attention they deserve without risk of their stories being damaged.