Marine & Oil Industries

Tough and waterproof, our KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner range of films are perfect for applications in the marine and oil industries.  From sailing to shipping…oil drum labels to diving.

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Oil Industry Case Study

Oil drilling is usually done in the most extreme environments, whether drilling in the Arctic or on a platform in the North Sea you need documents that can take any weather you throw at them.  Manuals, labels, tags- all waterproof, weatherproof, and resistant to oil, diesel and petrol.

Durable Marine Labeling

KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner Marine Grade Adhesive labels are rigorously tested to perform.  Oil Drum Labelling must be legible for extended periods of time, even when immersed in seawater.  Our durable labels are not only impervious to saltwater but have a marine grade adhesive, proven to  BS5609 certification.

Sailing Race Case Study

A local sailing club wanted to create waterproof sailing logs for their annual around the bay race, they needed to make each one individual to the yacht itself.  Easily done with our KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner range, ideal for short runs and personalised documents.

Dive School Case Study

Diving Schools need documents that can repel seawater, sand and surf. With the KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner range, we can create custom dive charts, logs, and even fish identification charts we can take with us on a dive.  No need to laminate, printed in seconds.  They can be used in the water and out, and even written on.