Specialist media for advertising displays, from fabrics to self adhesives, here are just a few examples of our product applications.

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Backlit Displays

What better way to grab attention and draw in customers than with vibrant, crisp, and backlit signs?  Our industry leading backlit materials offer the perfect light difusion and ultra-vibrant colors when lit from the front.  Available in solvent, latex, and toner compatible sheets, we have solutions to keep your signs looking brilliant.

Textile Banners and Flags

Create unique and eye catching flags and banners with Evolon, the unique non-woven material.  Evolon can be sewn like any textile, but holds up to the toughest of challenges.  Soft, breathable, and three time lighter than taditional banners, Evolon is also M1 fire retardant rated and can be cut to shape without fraying!  Available for solvent, latex, and aqueous inkjet.

Cling Window Advertising

Windows and storefronts are a prime location to call customers in.  Our specialty cling adhesive products guarantee perfect window signs that stay in play until you’re ready to take them down.  No residue on removal keeps your glass looking clean and your signs looking crisp.  Available in white and clear for toner printing and clear for solvent inkjet.

Removable Posters

Advertising needs to be kept fresh, and nothing makes it easier than Xacte 130SSRP, the ultimate repostionable sheet.  Easy to print on and even easier to apply, Xacte130SSRP is repositionable, removes cleanly, and won’t lift off the surface until you are ready to move it.