Medical & Healthcare applications

Medical documents, signs and safety notices that need to be kept sanitised.

Our Solution…

Waterproof, tearproof, cleanable, alcohol resistant media for documents and signs – that can even be written on.  Now with antimicrobial product protection.

Kernow North America is a global leader in optimized high-performance coatings. Printer OEMs and leading national brands trust and certify us for wide format and narrow format specialized print media - synthetics, self-adhesives, floor graphics, colours and metallics.
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KernowJet® Interiors

For walls that need to be clean, such as hospitals and medical centres, you can rely on the advanced Bio-Pruf® technology in KernowJet® Interiors wallpaper. It inhibits the growth of micro-organisms (bacteria and mold) and can be washed as it is water resistant. The wallpaper can be printed with your unique design to make it suitable for the location, for example the calming landscape images used for a birthing centre.

Durable Signage

In a hospital, signs need to be easy to see and quick to interpret. Vivid yellow, red, oragne, blue and green films from KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner can quickly identify safety hazards and clearly mark instructions and codes.  Durable and waterproof, they can be cleaned with medical/hospital disinfectant products and resist hospital cleaning materials such as Purell®, Ecolab® Asepti-Steryl®- even rubbing alcohol and methylated spirits!

Patient Charts that can be Disinfected

Keeping a clean environrment is critical to preventing the spread of infections.  Patient charts printed on KEROWPRINT Dry Toner films can be cleaned and disinfected with medical/hospital disinfectant products such as Ecolab®, Encompass™, Neutral Disinfectant Cleane.  Even Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaners are suitable when diluted to the manufacturer’s directions.

Self Adhesive Signs and Labels

From hand-washing reminders to special diet labels, self- adhesive KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner documents resist hospital cleaning materials such as Purell®, Ecolab® Asepti-Steryl® – even rubbing alcohol and methylated spirits.  Use wherever alcohol-based, antimicrobial regimes must be in place.

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