Beauty and the box… how demand for luxury packaging continues to grow

Published by AMI-admin on 18th Jan 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for the demise of many industries, but one sector that has not just survived but thrived has been online retail, particularly the health and beauty sector.

Digital marketing across social media platforms for health & beauty products has rocketed, with sites such as Instagram and Facebook flooded with brands wanting to get their name in front of consumers.

People are chasing after the ‘feel good factor’ and spending habits appear not to have been curbed when it comes to investing in health and beauty products that will deliver that euphoric feeling when the box arrives at the door.

When it comes to catching the eye of the consumer, research from InSkin Media revealed that an online display ad needs to be visible on a webpage for 14 seconds (on average) in order for a consumer, in return, to gaze at it for just one full second. So how do brands make their products and packaging ‘pop’ enough to attract a sale?

With packaging, the bar has certainly been raised, and packaging manufacturers are seeking high-quality, stylish and innovative packaging materials that will visually allure the customer to make that all important purchase.

Kernow Coatings Ltd | Beauty and the box… how demand for luxury packaging continues to grow 0

Customer expectations are now greater than ever, and packaging is no exception in having to tick all of the boxes, particularly when it comes to luxury brands.

Our MetaliK range of beautiful substrates present the perfect solution to showcase luxury products. This highly reflective media is manufactured to a very high standard and specifically engineered to print with no static along with excellent toner/ink adhesion.

It’s suitable for narrow format, wide format, or self-adhesive, and in stunning shades of silver, gold and copper.

Despite the current climate, growth of the luxury packaging market is expected to remain strong, as trends and technologies evolve. Packaging manufacturers can stay ahead of the game and raise online retail sales by creating aesthetically appealing packaging that’s unique to them.

Take a look at our video to see just some of the eye-catching packaging creations creating using MetaliK