August 31st 2018

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Showing What Your Products Can Do

Innovation and creativity is at the core of everything we do at Kernow Coatings. This is true for the products we develop and offer to the digital printing industry but also when it comes to explaining and offering the products to the market. At Kernow, we consider our products as more than just printable substrates, they are solutions.


Kernow works together with distribution partners, which means the way to reach the end user is quite long: OEM, distributor, printing company, marketing agency, end user and brand. When you mainly sell a white film, you need to be creative to get each step in the distribution chain to remember the features that make our white film so special. Therefore, Kernow has developed different sales tools for each product range: samples and kits for Dry Toner printing, for Wide Format printing and of course also for the newly launched KernowPrint® for HP Indigo range.

Promotional items

Kernow Coatings has launched application boxes to show printed applications and benefits. For the KernowPrint® Dry Toner range, we offer

  • the Creative Concepts Kit with examples of applications for several businesses: Menus, loyalty cards, bookmarks, ruler, stickers for retail…
  • the Hospitality Kit with applications designed for hotels, restaurants, convention centers… the perfect vertical marketing tool for printers focusing on this industry.
  • the Pre-designed Kit showing pre-cut loyalty cards, wristbands, luggage tags…
  • the MetaliK® Kit showing applications for our unique Gold, Silver and Copper boards.

For Wide Format printers – the KernowJet substrate users, Kernow has recently created the DecoBox, a complete booth in your bag; no bigger than A4 and only 2cm thick, to fit in any briefcase. The DecoBox does not only showcase and explain products, but also displays possible applications in 3D. While a sales rep explains – for example – KernowJet MetaliK®, they will be able to demonstrate lettering and design applied to a clear surface, just like a real shop window or a print applied to a board like rigid substrates for signs and decoration. The DecoBox includes our successful solutions for interior decoration: KernowJet FloorSharK®; the PVC-free R10 Certified floor graphic film that does not need to be laminated, a printed wall of Interiors non-woven wallcoverings in 13 different finishes, mini displays of KernowJet Supreme and Ultimate – the two unique roll-up & pop-up display solutions and lastly, KernowJet Opaline for backlight which can be illuminated with the mobile phone light to show the real colour gamut of the product. It’s the perfect tool for printing companies, marketing agencies and brands to see where and how to use the latest KernowJet solutions.

The KernowPrint for HP Indigo Kit includes all the materials which Kernow has developed for this new range of products with its very unique Cobalt™ coating technology. This line of HP Indigo ready-to-print media is aimed at helping printers take advantage of the growing trend in synthetic printing. The kit is designed to inspire application ideas, making use of HP Indigo white ink as well as CMYK to help those looking to take full advantage of HP Indigo’s print technology. The samples in the kit show all of these benefits on several different examples of real life applications.

And even more tools and help for your success with Kernow Coatings

At Kernow, we offer further support to our customers, but also to the printing companies and to their own customers:

  • Product training and technical support: our distribution partners get our full support in training their sales teams and we will always try to help them when our knowledge is needed at their customers.
  • Swatch books: these are available for each product and showcase a printed and unprinted area of material.
  • Sample material: Kernow will always support your projects with samples of the material. Printed or unprinted, in sheets or rolls.

To learn more about how Kernow Coatings can help you elevate your prints and drive home new business, contact Kernow today. Our team of experts can help you develop the best applications with the perfect material to leave your customers wondering why they didn’t ask you sooner!

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