January 10th 2019

Start the New Year thinking Green!

At Kernow Coatings we are committed to conducting business in ways that both help protect our planet now and build a better, more ecologically aware future for generations to come.  Our Sustainability Vision has become a true focus of our manufacturing process.

Our main focus has become recycling which has many benefits such as conserving resources, saving energy, less landfill and cutting carbon emissions.

Our Research and Development Team are all working to ensure that recyclability is considered in the design criteria for products. Using creative formulation skills and in-depth knowledge gained in over 40 years in the coating industry, Kernow is at the forefront of aqueous coating technology. We can make water-based coatings so tough and durable there is no need to use other, more impactful to the environment chemistries.

What we are doing to help

  • Over the last 11 years we have funded the planting and lifetime care of more than 13,000 trees
  • Improving our systems to ensure that zero waste is going to landfill by 2022
  • We are continually improving the efficiency of our machines to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO₂
  • In 2018, we were awarded the SGIA Sustainable Business Recognition Award for reducing our waste by 18%
  • We were awarded the recycling and recovery obligations fulfilment certificate by Valpak – the leading provider of environmental compliance

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-Kernow Sales Team


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