October 10th 2018

Synthetics in the Health Care Market

I recently went for an MRI scan and in the small anteroom I counted 13 laminated signs, with everything from asking me not to use my mobile, to how to use the lockers to store my personal things. All of them were faded, dirty and stuck on with drawing pins, tape or blue tack and giving the overall impression of being unclean.

This is where Kernow Coatings synthetic media can help. We do a variety of self-adhesive labels with permanent, removable and marine grade adhesives. They come in gloss, matt clear and translucent. They can be printed and ready directly from the output tray with no need for any lamination, blue tack or drawing pins.  You can apply them to painted walls, windows, mirrors, screens desks and doors. They can be wiped clean with any alcohol cleanser so that they stay clean and they will last a very long time and stay in pristine condition.

Stop Laminating! Simply Print and Go with Kernow media!

It got me thinking – there must be thousands of signs, notices and printed material in use across all the hospitals, clinics, dentists, doctors and care homes around the globe. Emergency room and in-room printed material in hospitals require regular wash downs with alcohol and cleansers. Lamination is time consuming and costly. Permanent signage such as hand sanitising stations, no smoking signs, admittance wristbands, visitor notices, bathroom mirror notices (hand washing), charts, tags – the list is endless and Kernow synthetics perform and fit the need in all these situations.

We are surrounded by a multitude of microscopic organisms. One bacterium can reproduce a million times in just one hour. Some bacteria can survive on documents and signs for months. Kernow synthetics are so strong they can be scrubbed down every day with tough cleansers and you will not lose the important printed information. There will be no ugly delamination where germs can continue to grow.

Add Value with KernowPrint

Are you currently supplying print into the NHS or Health Market? How many times are you asked to reprint due to use and abuse? Yes, this means reprint work but it is very time consuming and not particularly profitable work – if they need to be reprinted, then customer satisfaction is low and you are just selling cheap without adding value. How many documents are they throwing away due to contamination? You can offer them a product that will eliminate this and last 10 times longer. Applications that come into contact with liquids don’t last long, even those that are laminated, as the liquid tends to seep into the encapsulation and often ruins the important prints.  Eliminate the need to laminate by switching your customers over to KernowPrint synthetics that are ready straight from the output tray.  Print one or one hundred – no more laminating films, no additional equipment required.


-Kernow Sales Team

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