July 25th 2018

Synthetics in the Retail Market: How a Simple Material Can Change the Way You Market!

We’ve all seen it. Chances are you can recall a recent situation where you encountered it: the smudged sign, the torn tag, the greasy menu with the ratted corner, that one observation that made you question the cleanliness of the store you love to shop in.  The retail world is full of printed applications that get handled, exposed to the elements and beaten up every day as brand owners struggle to find ways to keep their image clean, crisp and vibrant.  In the world of consumer marketing, brand image is the top priority and selecting the right print media can make the different between a product being a total flop or an out-of-the-park homerun!

How important is the right media for your customers? For consumers, image is everything! It’s such a powerful part of the way people buy:

  • 67% of product users report that image plays a very important role in their buying decisions
  • 53% said that image is more important than ratings and reviews

With those numbers, brand owners and retailers can’t afford for customers to get the wrong impression, yet budgets and the need to control costs constantly weigh on them. Fortunately, there’s a solution that helps them deliver the branding results they need while improving their overall expenditure for store signage, tags, documents, and catalogs.

Enter KernowPrint synthetics, the durable, high quality, and exceptional way to produce easy prints that deliver customer-converting results!

Sporting goods store switches from lamination to KernowPrint, creating weatherproof signage AND saving money.

Take for instance the outdoor sporting goods store that struggled keeping their signage budget under control, yet needed to portray the quality their products deserved. In all 80 store locations they sold boats, recreational vehicles and personal watercraft that were on display outdoors and exposed to the elements.  Each week, the store printed new signs and price tags on location using paper, laminating each sheet to protect it from the weather.  Unfortunately, in order to attach the newly printed tags to the items being sold, they had to punch a hole in the lamination. Not only did this allow rain to seep in, leaving a wrinkled, muddled mess, but customers would easily tear off the tags and take it with them.  By switching to KernowPrint synthetic paper, every store was able to convert to a waterproof, outdoor durable tag that would not tear and lasted through rough handling.  This new solution allowed them to print, punch a hole, and attach tags around the store that would last no matter what!  Best of all, they stopped printing new tags and signs each week, saving them an additional 5% on costs while still keeping their image bright and crisp.

Big box store turns to KernowPrint to help create long lasting and durable in-store catalogues.

Then there’s the big box store with the catalogues spread out around the store. Customers reference the catalogue to locate items, find the location in the store…then often tear the pages out to take it with them. The pages that were left would gather dirt and grime from the fingers of eager shoppers, leaving a brand image that the company wasn’t proud of.  To resolve the problem, they turned to KernowPrint looking for that perfect solution.  By converting their in-store catalogues to KernowPrint synthetic paper, they were able to produce a tear resistant catalogue that could be bolted down in the store and used for months, not just weeks.  In addition, the pages stayed bright white and could be wiped down quickly to refresh that clean, crisp, modern look!  The impact was so great that even their district managers commented on the improved brand image and customers were happy knowing they could shop confidently from complete catalogues.

Save time, money and improve brand image!

Whether you need washable menus, outdoor price tags, or store signage to direct customers, KernowPrint synthetic print media provides an excellent solution to save time, money, and improve store image. The retail world is full of applications that can be enhanced through the tear resistance and chemical resistance that only come with the use of synthetic materials.  You’ll be amazed at how the simple change in print media to synthetics can help drive sales and make loyal customers who seek out your solutions every time!

To learn more about how KernowPrint synthetic print media can help you elevate your prints and drive home new business, contact Kernow today at

Our team of experts can help you develop the best applications with the perfect material to leave your customers wondering why they didn’t ask you sooner!

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