August 6th 2019

Visual Merchandising: The Right Material For The Job

Making your retail store inviting should be one of the most important tools in your brand strategy. Visual Merchandising encompasses many different areas of the retail experience and a few examples would be the shop window, interior display, store layout and the atmosphere created within the store by factors such as light and sound. Yes, these are not just accidents; any self-respecting brand will have invested time, money and most importantly thought into ensuring these environmental factors to give shoppers the best experience.

Why is this important?

The ultimate aim of most marketing efforts is to “sell more”. But let’s break this vague, overused expression down into something of meaning. Quality visual merchandising can engage and inspire shoppers, draw customers in, attract new customers, promote the store image, evoke a feeling of luxury, and principally create the right image for the store. This all aims to lead to a purchase. As 45% of customers make spontaneous purchase decisions in-store, the store experience matters.

In our fast-paced world, visual merchandising is taken more seriously now than ever. Merchandising professionals use the space to express the retailer’s intended message with thoughtful, consistent visual cues across all retail touchpoints. This is your opportunity to tell a story with impact and create an eye-catching display that people can’t resist.

visual merchandising shop window display with snowflake decals

Get creative!

Once you’ve designed a beautiful display you need to make sure you’re using high-quality materials, too. It would be pointless to have a lovely design in mind but print faded decals that are curling at the edges. This end result will shape consumer opinion of your overall aesthetic. It’s not just the visual – but how well it’s executed. Cheap materials will cheapen the brand image.

If you want to demonstrate yourself as a high-end brand, consider using metallic finishing. Metallic is associated with luxury purchases and this perception is being capitalised on by product packaging, point of sale and point of purchase displays. KernowPrint Dry Toner MetaliK® is a thick high-quality metallic board perfect for luxury product packaging, such as perfume boxes or cosmetic products. It can be folded to make 3D metallic shapes for a shop window display, and printed on with CMYK toner, plus white or clear, for a range of beautiful effects.

If you are designing a point of sale display for a new line of mascara, for example, a shiny reflective stand will certainly grab the attention of a passer-by. You can print and laminate KernowJet MetaliK® Inkjet to any smooth surface.

visual merchandising shop window display for The White Company with a white hammock

The shop window display

We’ve all seen the incredible impact an omnichannel campaign by the likes of Harrods, Debenhams, or John Lewis can make, but success is measured by footfall. At their flagship stores, they go to great lengths to provide beautiful shop window displays that capture the essence of their marketing campaigns and entice shoppers through the door.

A shop window display should be eye-catching, creative and attractive. With the average person’s attention span at 8 seconds or less, first impressions count!

Set the scene in your shop window; if it’s autumn you could include leaves in your display. Print leaves on a clear self-adhesive film and apply them to the window, creating depth within your display. You could print your logo, illustrations or photographs. You could even print and apply metallic lettering directly on the window.

There are so many different products that can enhance the look and feel of your shop but ensuring you’ve got the right material for the job can be tricky, so please consult an expert, such as the Kernow Coatings’ sales team.


visual merchandising interior of The White Company store with mannequins

Getting people to the right places

Once you’ve enticed them through the door, you need to ensure they can find what they are looking for with ease. Items from the shop window display should be placed just inside the door, as a continuation of the window display. Signage can be displayed high to help people who know exactly what they are looking for, and printable floor graphics can help navigate to specific items, for example, to find the range of children’s footwear starring the Gruffalo, you would have to ‘follow the Gruffalo’s footsteps’!

Visual merchandising contributes to a brand’s personality and the characteristics associated with the brand. The design of the store and the materials used should reflect the overall strategy. A store should regularly update and refresh their image to stay current, reach people with something new, and with the most on-trend stock being displayed in the window.

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Inspiration and visuals are taken from the fabulous Harlequin and Lucky Fox

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