December 5th 2018

What Could Possibly Go Wrong With Cheap Synthetics?

The “It’ll be OK” approach when running unapproved synthetics can come at a significant price. The cost of your digital printer can be anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars and we all know that run time is the only time where money is made. Jams, dust contamination and fuser melts are the reality when running synthetics not approved for your device – are you willing to take those risks?


Choosing the right synthetic means the difference between profit and loss, and uptime and downtime. But with the large onslaught of new brands appearing, what separates good synthetics from bad?

Topcoat is key

Toner does not stick to polyesters on its own. The only bond holding your graphics to the sheets is the chemical engineering of the topcoat. That’s right! Not only that, additives in topcoat help manage the sheet through the press and help mitigate static buildup, lessening instances of jams and wholly determining printability. The so-called econo-synthetics are prone to topcoat flaking and dust contamination. There is a world of difference between certified and qualified brands like KernowPrint – the most tested, most trusted synthetics in the laser print world today, and those making claims. There is no comparison, period. Most uptime, fewest complaints, and highest OEM certifications and listings around…KernowPrint products are that good!

We love soup, just not fuser soup!

When picking the correct synthetic you need to consider the base sheet itself. Heat stability means everything inside your toner fusion press. Your printer fuses around ~400F and most econo-synthetics melt at ~220F. That is called RISK, also known as fuser soup! Only KernowPrint synthetics have a proprietary base sheet of stabilized polyester specifically engineered for fusing temperatures. Check with your OEM for officially approved synthetics. Be cautious about econo-synthetic compatibility claims from the “our products are just as good” suppliers. There are thousands of dollars tied into your digital press and your selection of synthetics can mean the difference between being in the green or being in the red. See for yourself why KernowPrint is the World’s top selling Synthetic and the choice recommended by all the OEM’s – it simply outperforms all the rest!

Choose wisely, Choose KernowPrint!

– Kernow Sales Team

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