Pre-Designed Plant Wraps

Ideal for outdoor and harsh environments, KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner waterproof printable plant wraps are pre-perforated and ready to print. Prints are durable from the output tray – simply print, punch, and attach for quick and easy identification on trees, bushes, and shrubs.

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Plant Pot Stickers and Tags

Weather-proof, rigid, and outdoor durable, KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner is perfect for all of your plant tags and identification needs without the need to laminate. Mud, snow, rain, and sun won’t keep you from knowing which plants are where.

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Seasonal Signage

From signage to seasonal promotions, in a nursery you need waterproof, durable, wipeable media. Pair with our removable/repositionable adhesive for quick seasonal signage that holds up to anything you throw at it. The KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner line of adhesive backed products gives your labels the tear, heat, and cold resistance to hold up to the toughest of challenges.

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From restaurant menus to military field documents, KernowPrint Digital Print Media delivers unmatched tear resistance, chemical resistance, and durability when you need it most. Best of all, our products are guaranteed to help you save time and money by eliminating the need to laminate and post-process. Learn how other companies have produced spectacular results as easy as Load, Print, and Deliver.

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