Clearly communicating with your customers is critical in their overall experience. Our full range of pastel and vivid coloured materials allows you to easily colour code communciations, flag safety, caution signs, and call attention to announcements that you don’t want anyone to miss!

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ID Passes

We’ve all seen it…the paper pool pass that got left in a pocket before diving in, leaving a wet and soggy messs. With KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner films, passes can be easily printed and will hold up to any amount of submersion, even in cholorinated pool water! We carry a range of ID cards, from pre-perforated and dry peel to our butterfly card that can be duplex printed. See the KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner Pre-designed products for more information.

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Door Hangers

Want to make a great impression on your guests and offer them specials for staying with you? Door hangers personalized for your guests containing great discount coupons are a great way to show your appreciation. To make it easier, we offer pre-diecut sheets that allow you to print and deliver.

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From restaurant menus to military field documents, KernowPrint Digital Print Media delivers unmatched tear resistance, chemical resistance, and durability when you need it most. Best of all, our products are guaranteed to help you save time and money by eliminating the need to laminate and post-process. Learn how other companies have produced spectacular results as easy as Load, Print, and Deliver.

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