Impervious to saltwater and tearproof, documents can be immersed and images remain unaffected. From manuals to log books, ID badges to labels with marine certified adhesives. This is no place for paper, you need KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner.

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Clear Overlay Film for Maps

If a chemical attack happens, a plan of action is needed fast. That’s why military organisations trust KernowPrint 100TCC clear overlay film in an emergency situation. The printable film can be used to overlay a map, and formulate a plan of action to ensure the safety of the public, and create safe routes to hospitals. Several layers of film could be used to separate elements of a holistic plan.

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Air Force

Waterproof and tearproof maps, charts and engineering diagrams (which can also be written on) are but a few of the uses for KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner in the tough environment of the military. Our ultra-durable products withstand repeated handling and is the natural choice for demanding applications and environments.

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KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner products are resistant to: Gasoline (Petroleum Spirit) and Diesel splashes, Brake cleaner, motor oil, Castrol™ lubricating grease , WD-40®, Hydraulic fluid, Aviation fuel, Cutting oil and degreaser, Ammonia solutions (25%-35%). It stands up to the toughest chemicals. Tearproof manuals and documents printed to order are durable right from the output tray eliminating the need for lamination.

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From restaurant menus to military field documents, KernowPrint Digital Print Media delivers unmatched tear resistance, chemical resistance, and durability when you need it most. Best of all, our products are guaranteed to help you save time and money by eliminating the need to laminate and post-process. Learn how other companies have produced spectacular results as easy as Load, Print, and Deliver.

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