Floor Graphics

Studies show that adding even a small floor graphic can increase sales by 7% while repeatedly hitting 65% of the target market! Our floor graphic film FloorsharK helps you quickly brand, target, and identify products on floors.

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Self Adhesive Film for Walls and Semi-permanent Displays

Give your shop window some shine with beautiful metallic lettering, logos or designs! Our MetaliK Cut&Print range comes in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold and can be printed on to create a huge range of colours and designs. It can be CAD cut and weeds effortlessly to create easy to apply shapes and designs, and is coloured on both sides making it perfect for glass application.

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Black Film for Unique Displays and Images

Black Film, specially for use with white inks and toners, creates a wow factor which will get you noticed. A real full black background can never be achieved with ink to the quality and depth you will get with our black PET film.

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Metallic Silver Display Film

True silver metallic display film, for eye-catching gloss and shine you can’t get any other way. Real point of impact advertising.

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Diffusion Display Films

Duffusion films offer a subtle display option, with soft focus view through effects. Perfect for partitions or free standing walls. We carry a wide range of diffusion films engineered to work on any printer format you may have.

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Coloured Display Films

With coloured films, you can get displays with a depth of colour impossible to recreate with inks or toners alone. We carry a range of pastel & vivid shades for laser/toner, screen, offset litho, flexo, & UV printers. We can also create any customer specific colour needed. You can create unique images that would not be cost effective using inks or toners.

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Colour Matched Media for a Toy Manufacturer

Your brands colours matter. As experts in colour matching and creation, we can match Hydroprint to your brands imaging needs. Whether you’re a famous toy brand with a specific yellow or are looking for a new way to call attention to your sale items, Kernow Coatings has a colour just for you!

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From restaurant menus to military field documents, KernowPrint Digital Print Media delivers unmatched tear resistance, chemical resistance, and durability when you need it most. Best of all, our products are guaranteed to help you save time and money by eliminating the need to laminate and post-process. Learn how other companies have produced spectacular results as easy as Load, Print, and Deliver.

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