February 5th 2016

What best practices are recommended when running KernowPrint Dry Toner?

Media must be acclimated in the original sealed package at the printer environment for 24 to 48 hours before use. Any unused media should be stored in the original box.

For optimum image quality and reliability, maintain printer room Relative Humidity at 40% or higher. Printer room Relative Humidity of 40-45% may require transfer and fusing adjustments for best image quality results. Printer Room Relative Humidity conditions of less than 40% are not recommended.

A 1-inch margin on both the trail and lead edge of the sheet is recommended; however a 2-inch margin may be required to eliminate the occurrence of Edge Deletion Artifacts when printing 3 and 4 color process colors.

Printer setting recommendations are intended to be ‘starting point’ target values that may have to be adjusted depending on printer room %RH, artwork composition and/or printer condition to obtain optimum image quality.

When consecutively printing more than 1000 sheets it may be necessary to run plain paper that is the same size as the synthetic media every 500 sheets in order to clean residual fuser oil from the fuser section for printers that use fuser oil. Please check with your service representative to determine if this is required.

We recommend trying a sample before purchasing significant quantities.

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