FloorSharK Dry Toner accredited R10 certification for Xerox iGEN

Published by AMI-admin on 19th Aug 2020

Bosy Colak, President of Kernow North America said – “For Xerox iGEN customers, this has the potential to be a real game changer. We’ve overcome the challenges that the Xerox iGEN has previously presented in terms of producing floor graphics and this has opened up an opportunity for the Xerox iGEN to play in the floor graphics arena. With the introduction of social distancing, we’ve seen an unprecedented demand for floor graphics, and many printers have refocused their efforts in order to take advantage of this. With FloorSharK Dry Toner, the opportunity is also now possible for printers who have invested in Xerox iGEN technology and want a slice of the pie.

Producing social distancing floor graphics along with personalised advertising and promotional messages for customers which are easy to apply and remove are now a reality. In these changing times, diversification and adaptation are key, and we’re excited to be able to introduce a unique market-leading product that’s been tried and tested which will open doors for printers with a Xerox iGEN”.

For more information about producing floor graphics on the Xerox iGEN, get in touch with your distribution partner.

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