Getting Vivid with visuals

Published by Ben Lean on 11th Aug 2023

Getting Vivid with visuals

Every year, colour trends and applications pave the way for designers and printers as they adopt the latest printing and finishing techniques in creating impactful communications that create a lasting impression.  In a world of digital overload, companies are looking to gain that competitive edge with their print wherever they can.

Bold colours have always been a hit, and more recently candy-inspired colour palettes have been used in new and creative ways to produce vibrant communications, and companies have chosen to go even bolder and brighter with their printed pieces. Neon’s and fluorescent inks have become recognised trends, particularly in 2023.

Strong marketing campaigns are often backed by eye-catching colours and themes, and many colours have a tendency to dominate printed materials, in particular, blues, reds and greens can be incredibly striking.

Interestingly, colour psychology can play a part in capitalising on conversion and appealing to a particular audience and backing your brand consistency.

Benefits of using colour to represent your campaign can include:

Certain colours resonate with people, and many industry sectors stick to particular colours for that very reason.  The association of a specific colour with a product or service, can make a subliminal statement about a brand or product.

It’s even been proven that the right colour scheme could change your target market’s mood, making them more likely to behave in a certain way.

Here are some cool colour associations reported by MailChimp


Red is a prevalent colour that many companies use in their marketing campaigns. It’s supposed to convey energy, love, strength, and excitement. If you want to encourage your target market to do something specific, red could give them the motivation to do so.


Blue colour psychology is also popular because it’s associated with loyalty, trust, competence, and peace. In fact, 40% of Fortune 500 companies used blue in their logo. There are different shades of blue, and you may want to consider which shade is best for your campaigns.


Using green colour psychology in your marketing can associate your brand with freshness, healing, nature, and quality. Because of the increased attention paid to the environment, you may want to use green if you want your brand to be associated with sustainability.



Yellow colour psychology is tied to warmth, happiness, and creativity. Even though yellow might not be as popular as some other colours, it can still help differentiate your brand from the competition.


Orange is frequently used in marketing campaigns because it stands out from the crowd. People associate orange with bravery, confidence, sociability, and success.


If you use the colour pink in your marketing, your brand may appear compassionate, sincere, sweet, and sophisticated. Even though pink is frequently associated with childcare products, it can be closely tied to other products and services.

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