Grocery store wars – why eye catching promotions are key

Published by AMI-admin on 26th Apr 2022

From an increase in online grocery sales to social distancing in-store, the pandemic severely disrupted long-standing consumer habits. As we enter a new post-covid era, both consumers and the grocery retail industry face a tough new period of uncertainty with the fastest increase in inflation, a significant increase in the cost of living and fuel prices, together with the wider post-Brexit and overall global effects on retail in general.

In light of these fresh financial challenges, the focus is shifting from the effects of covid to the cost of living, causing consumers to adapt their shopping behaviour by tightening their grocery budget. A recent report by Kanta revealed that “supermarket sales fell by 6.3% over the 12 weeks to 20 March 2022.” The latest data from the report also “marks the first annual decline in grocery shopping trips for 12 months.”

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With the grocery retail industry still recovering from the effects left by the pandemic, a recent report from Statista has further revealed that the rise in popularity of cheaper supermarkets has forced new “price wars”, with major supermarkets competing to drive down food prices and entice customers with frequent in-store promotions to help increase overall sales and in-store footfall.

Within the rapidly changing landscape of the retail industry adapting to the turbulent effects caused by the pandemic, we are here to help support the retail industry in navigating through this new era. We’re here to help retailers adapt to the various consumer shopping preferences with our wide range of solutions for the entire store including chiller cabinets and deli counters. We enable safe, sanitized environments via our durable, tear-resistant, wipeable and waterproof solutions with added antimicrobial protection. Then there’s our range of removable, flexible and vibrant labelling, signage and floor graphic solutions for cart-stopping in-store offers. Take a look at what we have on offer for you:

Floor graphics: Social distancing floor graphic markers have now made way for attention-grabbing in-store offers and promotions. Made from ultra-tough textured polyester, KernowPrint® FloorSharK® for dry toner is the fastest way to produce vibrant and extra-durable floor graphics, without the need to laminate. With a unique sharkskin coating, it is also certified with an R10 Anti Slip Rating putting customer safety first. Ideal for areas of heavy footfall, it is easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue!

Chiller cabinets: Ideal for short-run digital prints, our signage for chiller cabinets, freezer and refrigerator cases is easily removed and repositioned without leaving any sticky residue. It’s also waterproof, so say goodbye to condensation!

Shelf Advertising: Did you know that simply adding branded advertising onto supermarket shelves can increase sales by up to 6%? With our range of KernowPrint Dry Toner products, you can simply print and go, creating a variety of durable applications including shelf wobblers, labels and vivid branding images!

Shelf labelling: Shelf strips not only attract customers to your products but also convey vital promotional messaging to encourage sales. KernowPrint Dry Toner films offer ease of use, allowing for quick changes to create eye-catching new promotions. With its durable, waterproof, tear-resistant and hygienic features, you can easily disinfect the labelling with a wide variety of alcohol and solvent-based cleaning agents to help keep customers safe and shelves looking clean and inviting day after day.

Deli and Fresh Food Counters: Now with inbuilt antimicrobial protection, our cleanable KernowPrint Dry Toner products with stain, tear, water and alcohol resistant features provide a more hygienic and durable solution than standard synthetic or laminated papers. As your powerful new ally, it inhibits the growth of common food-poisoning bacteria on treated surfaces by up to 99.4% whilst providing 24/7 surface protection. Our print definition is also on point, making it ideal for barcoding and you can reduce print production by half, with no lamination required. They don’t just work great, they look great too with a variety of bright colors, finishes – and thicknesses available.

As if all of that isn’t enough, did you know that it can also hold up to a wide range of temperatures? This makes our range perfect for price tags inside hot deli counters and fish and meat chiller signage!

Want to find out more about our wide range of innovative and cost-effective solutions for the grocery retail industry? Click here or alternatively, get in touch with our team. To request samples – in North America or in the UK or rest of the world.