Kernow Coatings Investments

Pilot Coater May 2016

Our newest pilot coater (semi-tech) has been custom-engineered, to accurately replicate our full sized coating machines. Armed with modular, multiple coating heads & built-in nip-rollers, we are able to run at real production speeds.  We can provide pre-production trials, quality customised samples and narrow web production with unique efficiency.

The coater is even housed in a clean room environment making it ideal for medical and food applications. With a manufacturing width of 300mm and a maximum roll diameter of 300mm we can produce meaningful trial quantities for product evaluation before moving to full-scale production.

This further enhances our service flexibility, with our extensive range of “mix and match” top coatings, face materials, adhesives and release liners, producing materials from unsupported coated substrates through complex multi-layer constructions.

New Coating Building December 2015

A custom-built new coating alley of over 600 square meters (6580 square feet)  has been created to house our new coating machine, due to be installed by the end of the summer.

Shipping & Converting Extension March 2015

A new extension was built to house our ever increasing converting department to accommodate the purchase of new state of the art slitting and cutting equipment and to improve the work flow getting product out the door faster.


New Mix Building January 2015

A purpose built high-tech mixing room with environmental control over air quality and temperature, increased our capacity and greatly improved speed to machine. This houses two new, state-of-the-art mixers, one of which can also precisely mill powders for better quality control and more even dispersions.  We can also control exacting temperature requirements in reactive chemistries, ensuring even greater precision and product consistency and reliability.

Flexographic Machine April 2014

Our flexographic machine prints, perforates, pre-creases, and kiss-cuts a full range of die-cut labels and tags, just to name a few applications. With a large library of tools available and the option to create a custom tool, we can create pre-designed solutions for your business.  One example is our custom rounded corner tool for use in schools.

Environmental Test Suite March 2014

Our print testing facilities includes both wide format and narrow format technologies. We have wide a range of printers, to confidently establish the quality and high performance of our products. We have an advanced environmental print suite, which can reproduce a vast range of environments, from desert to tropical rain forest, using precise temperature and humidity settings.   We can stress-test our products and print output in real life situations, pushing them to the very limit and ensuring zero-stress and reliability for the print operator!

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