Lamination Calculator

Input your own information in the yellow cells shown below to compare the costs of KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner to pouch lamination.

Lamination Cost Comparison

Paper Costing

Size Sheet Price
A4 £

KernowPrint Synthetic Media Costing

Size Sheet Price
A4 £

Laminating Pouch Costing

Size Price Per Pack
A4 £

Labour Cost/Hour

Labour Cost Cost Per Lamination
Machine Operator £

Costs Per Piece

KernowPrint Pouch lamination
Printing Costs (Click Charge) £0.0500 £0.0500
KernowPrint/Paper Cost £ £
Laminating Material Cost £ - £
Labour Laminating Cost £ - £
Estimated Per Piece Cost £ £

This calculator is using as an example, a printing application where sheet format laminating pouches are used to protect the print.  Other formats of lamination film can be used and results may vary.


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