April 25th 2019

Kernow Coatings Ltd funds the planting and lifetime care of trees in the South West of England with the Woodland Trust

In partnership with the Woodland Trust, we have helped secure the future of Fingle Woods and the thousands of plants and animals that call this place home.

Fingle Woods is an 825 acre ancient woodland site located in the Teign Valley on the northern fringes of Dartmoor National Park in Devon. It is located downstream of Fingle Bridge on the southern side of the river. In 2013 the site was bought by the National Trust and Woodland Trust to restore it for the benefit of wildlife and public access.

The plan is now to restore the ancient woodland which has been damaged by the planting of non-native conifers, gradually returning the wood to its former glory. This will take over 200 years and is one of the largest woodland restoration projects in the country.

Only 2 per cent of woodland in the UK is ancient woodland, and this is why restoring woodland like Fingle is so important to protect the long term future of the species that thrive here.

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