April 11th 2018

Introducing TrueMatch Custom Coloured Films by Kernow

TrueMatch – Because Your Brand Matters!

Corporate colours are a critical part of your brand, reinforcing your identity, driving customer loyalty and creating a sense of trust in the market. You cannot afford ­not have them recreated accurately each and every time.

We can create branded media for all types of print technology: from WF Inkjet to HP Indigo and Narrow Format Toner.

Even in today’s world of technology, creating pure, consistent brand colours in print can pose a challenge even to the best of printers. Limited CMYK digital print gamut, file exchanges across multiple locations and a seemingly unlimited number of print devices, means you constantly have to spend time and money checking…and rejecting…branded materials that don’t match the accuracy your brand deserves.

Introducing TrueMatch Custom Coloured Films by Kernow: the hassle-free, no worries, accurate-every-time range of custom coloured print media.  Ensure your corporate colours are perfect every time…….no matter who, where, or how your materials are printed.

Using our state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced team of colour creation experts, Truematch delivers printable base films custom matched to your brand colours.  Simply load, print, and deliver CONSISTENCY.

With TrueMatch, every delivery of custom-coloured materials is guaranteed to match, creating bright, vibrant signage and graphics impossible to produce with CMYK printing alone!

Show your true colours with TrueMatch for spot-on colour every time!

The perfect solution for retail, events, travel and leisure and automotive applications, TrueMatch produces outstanding results for in-store and exterior banners, signage, window graphics and labels.

This ultra-durable and incredibly easy range of synthetic media will produce vibrant consistent colours that digital colours simply can’t hit.


  • Cost effective – superior alternative to flood coated prints
  • Perfect colour – every time
  • Tough – durable synthetic media


  • Instore and exterior banners
  • Signage
  • Window graphics
  • Labels

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