December 12th 2017

Kernow Coatings invests in climate controlled testing suite

Testing products to be sold globally demands pushing products to the very limit, to ensure they stand up to the varying temperatures and humidities around the world.

Kernow Coatings’ solution was the investment in a fully climate controlled testing suite. Far more than just air conditioning, this is a true climatically-controlled room large enough to house printers from bizhubs to desktops.

Kernow Coatings is the world’s only laser media manufacturer to be able to do this in-house, both on-press as well as pre and post press, long before a product reaches a customer’s premises.

Products may work perfectly in an air-conditioned print room, which is course strongly recommended, but finding out how it would react to a bone-dry American Mid-West Winter, or the humidity of monsoon India is another question.  Humidity is a critical variable when running print media and we are experts in static control.

Kernow has a wide a range of printers, to confidently establish the quality and high-performance of our products. With this advanced environmental print suite, Kernow Coatings can test products and print output in real life situations, ensuring zero-stress and reliability for the print operator!

If you need tough products with guaranteed on-press reliability, consistent feeding and with innovative product features and benefits, contact Kernow Coatings for information on their market-leading range of synthetic print and labelling solutions.

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