August 12th 2020

Kernow Coatings urge businesses not to cut corners

UK digital media manufacturer Kernow Coatings has raised concerns over businesses taking risks when implementing social distancing floor graphics in the workplace.

Fears were raised by Kernow’s Technical Director, Phil Bartlett, after he carried out recent analysis of the floor graphic materials available in the market following a surge in non-compliant products being promoted.

The influx of ‘cheap and cheerful’ products combined with new research from Fletchers Serious Injury revealed that one in four serious injuries occur in the workplace, with slips, trips and falls being a prime cause of severe injury.  This triggered Kernow to evaluate the floor graphic solutions that have recently come to market and to advise businesses to check that products meet the required safety measures.

Phil commented “It’s worrying to see so many floor graphic products appearing on the market that do not meet the required standards for even the basic slip resistance and fire ratings.  Should a slip occur in the workplace in relation to poor quality floor graphics, the business could be liable, and that’s a risk that nobody would want to take in the current climate, or in fact ever.  We have over 40 years in developing world-class synthetics for the print market, and it’s frustrating to witness products suddenly appearing which have not been rigorously tested to meet even the most basic of safety requirements.  Cheap and cheerful is not the way to go with floor graphics as they play an important part in health & safety in the workplace.  We are here to advise Printers and end-users on the products that will tick the right boxes.  We’re proud that our FloorShark product range has certified R-10 slip resistance, PTV low slip (in both wet and dry conditions) and ANSI certification in the US”.

Kernow would strongly urge businesses to check certifications and accreditation’s before committing to a print run of a product that may ultimately cause more harm than good.

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