December 12th 2017

Kernow stands for solutions and benefits: a case study on KernowJet Interiors Wallcoverings

When some in the market fight on only price, Kernow goes a completely different way. The UK manufacturer is reorganising its Wide Format range with 2 fundamental objectives: offering the market a real solution for a given application, and offering benefits to every link of the distribution chain down the end-user.

With KernowJet Interiors, the British manufacturer made a thoughtful analysis of the wallcovering market and looked at offering the best possible solution for wallcoverings in commercial areas and tough environments. Deliberately, they have left the market space of ‘not-nice-but-cheap’ to other players, as it is neither Kernow’s philosophy nor positioning in the printing industry. Instead they have provided benefits for their distribution partners, the printers, and also the final customer.

HP-latex certification and versatility on inkjet printers: Kernow wanted to offer ease of printing with a Solvent, Ecosolvent, UV-curable and Latex inks compatible material, but also with a full HP Latex certification in a world where Latex is the crucial and leading print technology. Distributors will appreciate versatility of the product for better stock controls.

Bio-Pruf® characteristics are probably the most important feature for the end-user: a special additional step in production gives KernowJet Interiors the unique capacity to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms (bacteria and mould), and there is no time limit to it! Printers can get new business in hospitals, schools and nurseries. Hotel chain will appreciate it too. The usual safety and fire certification are a standard for the range.

13 different textures: end users can choose high quality designs for the POS and retail world. As an example, the ‘Linnen’ texture offers a very unique, fabric-like feel. Customised wallcovering textures are also possible, and end-users will appreciate the material being tear-resistant, water-resistant, washable and with zero shrinkage over time.

Opening the door to new business: with KernowJet Interiors 620 – the Type II certified products from Kernow’s range – European companies will finally have a product suitable for major American hotel and food chains, who require US standards for all their branches worldwide.

Efficiency at work: KernowJet Interiors are paste-the-wall wallcoverings, which are faster, easier and cleaner to apply, and don’t require a pasting table etc. It leaves the applier the choice of the best paste for the given wall and application. And for changing designs KernowJet Interiors will also be perfect as it is easily removable without residues – unlike paper-backed wallcoverings.

After not even a year in the market KernowJet Interiors does already have a name that stands for quality, reliability and all-round satisfaction. Kernow has created a specific swatchbook for KernowJet Interiors which can be requested at

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