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Old Faithful: still the most trusted provider of design and reprographic media

From manual drawing films, to CAD plot and reprographic media, Kernow Coatings are still dedicated to the design & reprographics market. After all, even with today’s technologies any building construction, auto industry or component part still goes through a design & reprographic process before the manufacturing begins.

KernowPrint® Design & Repro product range is extensive and varied. KernowPrint is produced on PET (polyester) film which provides a tough, lay flat and dimensionally stable material making it perfect for reproduction accuracy even on a large scale. It is a durable solution for the production of technical drawings, whether they are produced manually, plotted on an inkjet/pen plotter, or reproduced via PPC or LED copiers.

All the material in the range is tear resistant, water resistant and resistant to most solvents, and is suitable for all environments from active building sites to workshops. The film will lay flat and stay flat, perfect for transporting in a tube and rolling out for presentations and discussions. It can be stored rolled up in a civil engineer’s drawer and still lay flat when rolled open again.

The KernowPrint Design & Repro PET range includes white, frosted and clear films in a choice of thicknesses and available in sheet and roll form.

More information and a selection of samples are available on request. Please email Claire Hollingsworth with enquiries at

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