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Wide Format MetaliK Board for Wide Format printers

In response to the wide format market showing a growing interest in packaging, Kernow Coatings has developed KernowPrint MetaliK® for fast and efficient production of shiny packaging in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, now available in B2 sheets.

KernowPrint MetaliK® is a 345µ cardboard with a glossy front face, while the rear side has a white finish. The MetaliK side of the material – available in Silver, Gold or Rose Gold – offers unlimited print options and pattern effects especially with white inks. The white side of the boards remains printable whenever needed. The beauty of KernowPrint MetaliK is that it can easily be cut on flatbed cutting tables – also with laser as it is PVC free – and when folded, it will smoothly fold without damaging the metallisation or the print on the edges.

The MetaliK board is printable with UV-curing inks. It is offered to the Wide Format industry in B2 size (500 x 707mm size) as a standard, further sizes from SRA3 up to 707 x 1000mm can also be supplied on demand. Printers equipped with Dry Toner equipment will love the versatility of KernowPrint MetaliK which also runs on most of these equipments with a specifically developed static control technology.

The MetaliK board has been extensively tested together with the American company Color Logic. Color Logic offers a unique reflective color communications system for amazing effects on the Silver version of the board. Mark Geeves, Director of Sales & Marketing at Color Logic says “The Silver MetaliK board from Kernow Coatings has been certified by Color Logic for UV inkjet applications. Color Logic did a visual and spectral measurement of KernowPrint MetaliK Silver which met all of our requirements for certification. The Silver MetaliK board has excellent applications for the packaging, POP, and signage markets.” Videos of very impressive examples of packaging printed with the Color Logic software are available on the Color Logic website.

For those in need of a more rigid or different substrate for their packaging, Kernow Coatings offers an alternative solution with the PVC-free, self-adhesive 50µ KernowJet MetaliK Inkjet film. The material delivered in rolls can be laminated to any smooth board. KernowJet MetaliK Inkjet is printable with eco-solvent, UV and latex inks.

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