Print Industry Trends for 2023: Our top 5

Published by Ben Lean on 5th Apr 2023

Print Industry Trends for 2023: Our top 5

2023 brings with it a new set of challenges and economic uncertainty around the print industry, however, it’s not all doom and gloom. The change in the market has opened up a number of opportunities and focus areas for those involved in print, and for many, it is an exciting time.

We’ve shared our top 5 trends we foresee for 2023 –

1. A focus on solution-based selling

That famous saying “sell the sizzle, not the steak” will be a very relevant one in 2023. Experience speaks volumes when it comes to recommending a product to a customer, and being able to talk about applications that are relevant to their industry and business will bring the product to life. Customers will be facing their own set of challenges in 2023 and will want to be guided by suppliers and manufacturers as to which products will meet their needs. Uncovering a customer’s pain points will be key in providing them with a solution that they’re happy with.

2. Increased demand for sustainable products

A recent survey from Deloitte revealed that a business’s commitment to climate change and sustainability can influence consumers’ trust.

29% of UK adults surveyed agreed that a public commitment and positioning around sustainability and climate change including net zero commitments and greenhouse gas reduction (e.g. on the company’s website, the annual report, and/or the Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability report) would influence their trust, along with…

35% would be influenced by a company having a transparent, accountable, and, socially and environmentally responsible supply chain and 29% agreed if a company had a strong public perception, record, and reputation around climate change and sustainability.

Another challenge faced in 2023 and beyond is industry greenwashing as a result of low education about print media. Paper has received a bad rep over the years for its apparent poor green credentials, with many misconceptions about how it’s the main cause of deforestation, when paper is one of the most recycled products in the world and supports the circular economy model of make, use, recycle and reuse. (Source –

At Kernow we’ve undertaken several initiatives to support the sustainability strategy of the business, including –

Water-based coatings

For decades we have been at the forefront of coating innovations with regard to environmental issues by switching to aqueous coatings at every opportunity.

Caring for nature

Over the last 11 years, we have funded the planting and lifetime care of more than 13,000 trees.

Clean air

We are continually improving the efficiency of our machines to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO₂.


We were awarded the recycling and recovery obligations fulfilment certificate by Valpak – the leading provider of environmental compliance.

Businesses will also need to focus on the value delivered, with sustainability being key in ensuring that customers continue to invest in the necessary capital expenditure to develop new production approaches, even in challenging times.

3. More visual print

Creativity will continue to speak volumes throughout 2023, with innovative companies surpassing those with run-of-the-mill products and solutions. Impressive visual print shines through against less rich forms of communication, resulting in a stronger connection with the viewer. It’s also reported that visual print still gives a higher ROI over digital ads.

Products such as floor graphics have grown in popularity since the pandemic, and continue to do so. The increase in demand resulted from the need for social distancing signage but has now evolved into the use of floor graphics for promotional messaging and directional signage. Floor graphics can also introduce an element of fun to a retail or educational environment.

4. Diversification and adaptability

A huge factor in businesses surviving and thriving post-pandemic is not only about demonstrating resilience but thinking outside of the box, not just with products and services but with the in-house talent they choose. A motivated, entrepreneurial team will be able to bring new ideas to life through their attitude and approach. Recruiting the right team remains incredibly important.

Along with having the right people in place, embracing digital transformation is a must alongside taking a combined approach to both digital and print forms of communication.

Uncovering new markets for print will become more challenging, so incorporating a digital portfolio of solutions will be imperative as we see more QR codes along with increased demand and success with variable data printing.

5. Personalisation

As more of us start to feel email fatigue, there is an opportunity for businesses to focus on targeted and personalised communications to get cut through the noise.

Printers who don’t already realise the value of data will soon recognise its potential by providing it as a service to customers who connect with their audience on a personal level.

Not only does personalisation result in a high potential ROI, but it can drive repeat engagement and loyalty over time.

To summarise, the market and consumers’ needs and wants are changing, and those in the print industry need to adapt and innovate in order to retain the interest of existing customers and attract new business.

As a global leader in optimised high-performance coatings, we have a commitment to leading innovation across our wide range of wide-format and narrow-format specialised print media – synthetics, self-adhesives, floor graphics, colours, and metallics.

Lead the way in 2023 with our innovative range of Kernow products:

KernowJet FloorSharK – a unique floor graphics solution for indoor applications.

KernowJet RoadSharK – a textured multi-core film with high conformability and optimised pressure-sensitive adhesive for exterior floor signage applications.

Kernow KlearGuard – delivers a versatile, easy-to-clean, and ultra-durable solution to turn any surface into a wipeable, cleanable, scratch-resistant area.

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