KernowPrint for Dry toner is our range of synthetic papers and pressure-sensitive films. Trusted by OEMs, they offer exceptional print quality, amazing durability and antimicrobial technology. KernowPrint synthetics are perfect for outdoor applications and when you need something tougher than paper.


KernowPrint for HP Indigo is powered by Cobalt coating technology, our unique formula boasting best in class colours, remarkable ink adhesion and amazing durability. We are the Cobalt guys.


KernowJet is our range of Wide Format substrates designed for great printability and durability. From floor graphics to wall coverings and metallic media to roll up banners, KernowJet has it covered.



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About Kernow

With more than 50 years of experience developing world-class synthetics for the print market, Kernow Coatings has taken pride in a long history of quality, precision, and innovation built into every one of our products.

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