Kernowjet Klearview

KlearView can be used with white inks in a variety of creative combinations. It can be printed with white under-strike or with white mid-strike for displays to be viewed from both sides. Examples of the applications include room separation with a different design or altenative text on either side. KlearView 142 is also ideal for screen printing, positive and negative separations.


  • Glass-clear polyester film
  • 100% water resistant
  • High-gloss coating
  • Antistatic back-coating avoids attracting dust and slipping in the printer
OEM Certified For:

Why Choose us?

When professional application cannot be made to avoid air bubbles, just apply the display with clear adhesive pads and it’s done in seconds.

This is the perfect solution to send your prints to all branches of a retail store to make sure it’s applied properly and removed within seconds. As it’s polyester it will not start curling, distort or shrink.

Simply hanging KlearView from the ceiling, multiple clear displays will add depth to your sales message and create amazing 3-D effects. Depending on the design, you may not even need white inks to create a very unique shop window decoration.

Product Description
Product No.
Thickness 142 mic
762mm x 30m
1372mm x 30m
1524MM x 30m
Product No. 142SGC

Product Description
Product No.
Thickness 5.6 mil
30" x 100'
54" x 100'
60" x 100'
Product No. 142SGC

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