Rigid Vinyl for HP Indigo

Point of Purchase signs, shelf strips, and gifts cards. What do they all have in common? They need a material that is tough enough to hold up to anything, versatile enough to work anywhere, and affordable enough to meet the most competitive challenges! Introducing KernowPrint for HP Indigo Rigid Vinyls: rigid, durable PVC sheets engineered to top level performance and optimal day-to-day run characteristics. With it’s exceptionally consistent matte finish, exceptional outdoor weatherability, and impossible to beat easy handling, KernowPrint for HP Indigo Rigid Vinyl adds the versatility to address any customer demand!


  • Exceptionally smooth and consistent surface for perfect prints every time
  • Incredible UV and corrosion resistance in outdoor applications
  • PVC’s self-extinguish in the presence of a flame, ideal for UL Flammability Testing
  • Formulated specifically for platen and thermal lamination used in ID and gift cards
  • Cost-effective for use in a wide variety of durable applications
OEM Certified For:

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Why choose PET

  • Exceptional toughness and strength
  • Unmatched chemical resistance
  • Incredible heat resistance
  • Readily recyclable

Why choose PVC

  • Ideal for laminated applications such as cards
  • Self-extinguishing when exposed to flame
  • Excellent balance of performance and cost

Product Description
Product No.
Thickness 10.0 mil
Product No. CQ300
Thickness 15.0 mil
Product No. CQ305
Thickness 18.0 mil
Product No. CQ308

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