KernowPrint PRO Pre-Folds, Wristbands & Dry Peel

KernowPrint PRO Pre-Folds have a score down the middle creating a perfectly straight fold line that is easy to use. Available in vertical and horizontal option, they have the strength and rigidity to stand up straight and professionally display your message.

KernowPrint PRO Wristbands — once peeled off, the wristbands are dry on both sides, apart from the tamperevident adhesive patch, which secures the band together.

KernowPrint PRO Dry Peel ID Cards — each card size is ISO standard with 3mm rounded corners. They are ready to be fully personalised on demand. Once printed and peeled off, the ID Cards are completely dry.

KernowPrint PRO Dry Peel Butterfly Cards — each folded card size is ISO standard. Once printed, they are ready to be folded and the permanent adhesive will form a thick, doublesided card. This unique design allows for a duplex effect
printing, while printing simplex!


  • Save money and ship menus flat! Pre-scored sheets fold easily by hand and look just as crisp as anything you get out of a machine
  • Wristbands separate easy and have a security adhesive grip-strip for tamper evidence
  • Dry Peel cards remove cleanly from the sheet without adhesive residue or jagged perforation edges
  • Ideal for facility access, event ticketing, and special occasions where you need to print on demand and on location!
OEM Certified For:

Ideally suited for

  • Restaurant menus
  • Retail tags
  • Bar menus
  • Information tags
  • Creative signage
  • Table markers
  • Message display
  • Event handout
  • Eye-catching marketing pieces

Product Description
Product No.
Thickness 120µ, 195µ
Product No. N/A

Product Description
Product No.
Thickness 5.0 mil, 8.0 mil
Product No. N/A

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Antimicrobial technology - powered by Biomaster

A specialised formula added to our coatings to provide antimicrobial protection and increase the protection against bacteria. Approved by the FDA & EPA.

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