KernowJet KlearWipe

KernowJet KlearWipe is a clear, PVC-free dry-erase lamination film. It can be manually wet applied or mechanically laminated. Its thickness of 75μm and inherent stiffness makes it easier to apply than any other dry-erase laminate. Highly transparent and with a specially designed permanent adhesive, it is perfect as a laminate for a wide variety of prints and especially designed to adhere to UV- cured inks, without silvering.

The film has been tested with an extensive range of water- based, solvent and acetone-based markers. End-users will love the benefits: KernowJet KlearWipe works with all dry- erase pens, no ‘pearling’ of the inks when writing, perfect erasability whether it is immediately wiped, or erased after leaving the writing for long period. There is absolutely no ghosting, even when used with permanent markers!


  • Multi-functional hard coat surface: whiteboard & blackboard scratch resistant laminate
  • High-end quality surface with excellent scratch resistance, ideal for intense use
  • No ghosting, even for long-term writing
  • Perfect writing with no pearling effect
  • Permanent markers can be easily wiped off with wipes containing isopropyl alcohol without damaging the film
  • Turns any smooth surface into a dry-erase surface Recommended Conditions:Tags requiring frequent changing (ex. for supermarkets)Strategy/coaching boards for sportsInterior decoration: children-friendly writable walls, furniture and toys, kitchen backboards, shopping lists, family planners
  • BSEN71-3:2013+A1:2014 European Standard on Safety of Toys certified
OEM Certified For:

Why Choose us?

Dry Erase surfaces can be found in every office, every school, most restaurants… basically almost everywhere. Most of them are covered with ghost writing, that can never be removed. With KernowJet KlearWipe, there’s finally the perfect solution for long term dry-erase surfaces, for happy sign makers, printers and end-users.

Product Description
Product No.
Thickness 75 mic
1372mm x 50m
Product No. 075KCDE

Product Description
Product No.
Thickness 2.95 mil
54" x 100'
60" x 100'
Product No. W075KCDE

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