Window Roller Blinds

A printable, sustainable alternative to traditional roller blind material. Made from 100% glass this product is a great choice for a number of applications for green conscious printers.

KernowJet Vitrum stands out as a truly eco-friendly and safe choice for your projects. Made from 100% natural glass material, it is free from harmful chemicals and PVC commonly found in other materials. Additionally, its inherent non-combustible properties make it compliant with the highest fire-retardant standards, ensuring both safety and sustainability.


  • Made from 100% natural materials, Quartz & sand
  • High strength, non-combustible, flexible, water & chemical resistant.
  • Can be printed on to create custom office blinds/home sunscreens.
  • Contains no PVC and is not Oil based.
  • Reducing energy consumption without losing any comfort level
  • Perfect Lay-flat
  • Cuts clean without fraying
  • KernowJet Vitrum does not absorb any moisture
  • M1 Fire certification

Why Choose us?

KernowJet Vitrum is an innovative product that has been designed to revolutionize the window covering industry. As the first printable roller blind and vertical blinds made from 100% glass, it offers a unique combination of energy-saving and acoustic properties that sets it apart from other window coverings on the market.

Product Description
Product No.
Product Description Vitrum - (240 mic)
Thickness 240 mic
1100mm x 25m
Product No. F180WCBP

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