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3HD KernowPrint PRO (PET) White - (UK - | US - P123HD)

A speciality paper that produces beautiful, bold colours time and time again.

KernowPrint PRO (PET) Double Gloss - (UK - 180HWNP | US - )

A crystal-clear PET non-woven textile - stitchable and breathable.

KernowPrint PRO Non-Woven Textile - (UK - 100KTNW | US - N14)

A 100% PET non-woven white textile - lightweight, durable and foldable.

KernowPrint PRO Lite (PP) White - (UK - 189HMPP, 249HMPP | US - P80, P81, P82)

A soft synthetic paper specifically designed to withhold even the most demanding print conditions.

KernowPrint Rigid White Vinyl for HP Indigo (PVC) - (UK - | US - CQ300, CQ305, CQ308)

Rigid, durable PVC sheets engineered to top level performance and optimal day-to-day run characteristics.

Vivid Colours for HP Indigo - (UK - | US - CV245, CV247, CV249, CV252)

Pre-coloured sheets that deliver consistent, rich, vibrant colours for your most vivid applications.

KernowPrint PRO (PET) Pre Perforated US - (UK - | US - )

A range of pre-perforated applications perfect for quick turn around or in-house projects.