18 products have been found with 'Wide Format' in Technology

KernowJet MetaliK® Removable - (UK - 054CSI, 054CGO | US - 054CSI, 054CGO)

A removable adhesive metallic finished substrate, works great with white inks to create eye catching visuals.

KernowJet Interiors Recyclable - (UK - P150WCBN | US - P150WCBN)

A wall covering made from 100% recyclable material but still fully printable with custom artwork, great for the eco-conscious interior designer.

KernowJet Kling PP - (UK - 090SWPK, 090SCPK | US - 090SWPK, 090SCPK)

The ultimate solution for captivating and customisable window graphics.

Vitrum - (UK - F180WCBP | US - F180WCBP)

A printable, sustainable alternative to traditional roller blind material. Made from 100% glass this product is a great choice for a number of applications for green conscious printers.

KernowJet Blockout PP 165 - (UK - 165SPBW | US - 165SPBW)

A premium, multi-layered polypropylene film designed for use in high-quality printing applications.

KernowJet Interiors Smooth Cream (adh) - (UK - P160WCMR | US - P160WCMR)

A removable adhesive wall covering, perfect for short term features and museum displays.

KernowJet Interiors Structured Pearl - (UK - P170WCSP | US - P170WCSP)

Textured pearl finish printable wallcovering, great for adding an antique look to your designs.

KernowJet Interiors Bright Gold - (UK - P175WCG | US - P175WCG)

A gold finished wall covering fully printable for custom designs and patterns.

KernowJet MetaliK® Permanent - (UK - 056SSI, 056SGO | US - 056SSI, 056SGO)

A permanent metallic effect substrate available in Gold & Silver.