**NEW FloorSharK 170TFG

High performance inkjet media for latex, solvent & UV printers


  • Unique sharkskin coating absorbs the ink & dries tough
  • Eliminates the need to laminate
  • Sharkskin structure gives great color gamut and high grip; R10 certified
  • Easy to apply & easy to remove, does not tear into small pieces when removing
  • No shrinkage – no risk of a rim of dirty adhesive forming around the print
  • Ultra-tough polyester base, resists tearing, resists pallet trucks & stiletto heels

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Available in widths of: 1372mm & 1524mm

Thickness: 170µ

Adhesion: AFTER 24H 16 N/25mm


  • Indoor floor graphic displays
  • Supermarkets, shopping malls, convention centres, airports
  • All smooth hard floors e.g. concrete & tiling
  • Low Pile Carpet tiles


Installation Instructions

FloorSharK is an ultra-tough polyester film with zero stretch, enabling very accurate panel joints. Installation must be undertaken as follows.  Smaller panels are very quick and easy to apply without special technique but if covering a much larger area, with multiple panels several metres long, the following technique is strongly recommended.  If covering a very large area, have your designer split the panels on the shorter length e.g. if a 4m x 9m area, each panel should be 4m long plus bleed.

The floor must be clean, dry, smooth and all dust and debris removed. Lay out the entire floor graphic and apply with masking tape in the exact position required.  Allow at least 20 cm bleed all round if covering a full floor area e.g. a plinth at a trade show and cut the excess after installation.

If applying in multiple panels, start on the left side and apply this panel first. Use 8cm overlap joints.

Create a tape hinge in the centre of the panel – two overlapping  lines of masking tape required, ensuring this hinge is firmly taped to the floor.

Then tape 50% of the graphic down at the edges to ensure the graphic cannot move, flip the other 50% of the panel over and remove the liner up to almost the tape hinge. Carefully cut the liner with a sharp scalpel and discard.  Then lift the graphic and flip it over, keeping the adhesive from contacting the floor.  Hold at circa 25 degrees to the floor and keep a firm tension, whilst a colleague uses a 15-20 cm squeegee to apply the graphic to the floor.  Use light and steady pressure and each stroke must be at 90 degrees to the run of the graphic.

Installation is very quick, easy and incredibly accurate but only if this hinge and squeegee method is used; ensuring perfect joins in the final printed artwork.


Recommended Conditions:

Printroom 15°C – 30°C 30% – 65% RH
Usage -40°C – 80°C 10% – 90% RH
Storage 10°C – 20°C 20% – 50% RH


Shelf Life: 12 months after delivery (under recommended storage conditions)

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