Synthetic media for laser/toner printers & copiers


Dry toner compatible

Available as matt white A4 10UP, Wristband size: 265mm x 18mm

Available as matt white 17UP on SRA3, Wristband size 265 x 25mm

Peel away with no adhesive residue and clean edges

Security tamper-proof

Waterproof, tear-proof, greaseproof, no need to laminate

No more middle micro-perforation for added robustness on the 10UP version

The new 10UP design will allow for part of the liner to stay at the back of the wristband so they can be removed from the sheet and used individually, reducing wastage

Other colours possible, minimum order quantity A4 10,000 sheets or SRA3 7500 sheets, please contact us for more information


Available as matt white A4 10UP, Wristband size: 265mm x 18mm

Thickness: 120µ

Weight: 160gsm


Create ID wristbands for sports events, music festivals, exhibitions, hospitals & holiday resorts


Recommended Conditions:

Printroom 10°C – 30°C 40% – 55% RH
Usage -40°C – 120°C 10% – 100% RH
Storage 10°C – 20°C 20% – 55% RH


Shelf Life: 18 months after delivery (under recommended storage conditions)

Sales Sheet


Suitable for most thermal transfer and dry toner (laser/LED/flash fusion) print processes, both mono and colour small-volume, mid-volume & production machines.

On such machines the user must establish for themselves the optimum settings and paper path, being aware of the thickness and weight of the material.

PLEASE DO NOT PRINT Wristbands in combination with Dry Toner machine that are using FUSER OIL system, Such as iGen’s & NexPresses

PLEASE AVOID printing more than 25% screen in areas where the glue tab will land when the wristband is assembled

PLEASE make sure to ACCLIMATE the material before running

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO place all material NOT run back in the plastic bag

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