KernowPrint MetaliK

Highly reflective metallic media developed specifically for dry toner printers


MetaliK is an exciting new range of highly reflective SILVER, GOLD & COPPER media that has been developed specifically for dry toner print processes and will help your business tap into new applications and revenue streams.

The beauty of the MetaliK range is that it is optimised for maximum toner adhesion and static control, this means MetaliK will reliably overcome print quality and machine performance issues.

Engineered for strength, and rigidity the MetaliK range folds easily with no cracking making it a superb solution for applications such as luxury packaging, greetings cards and direct mail.  And, with the demand for variable data the Metalik range will add a real punch to personalised communications.

See our MetaliK Kit for more application ideas!




Thickness(345µ/13.6mil)   Weight(330gsm)


  • Luxury product packaging
  • Greetings cards
  • Wine and champagne boxes
  • Corporate folders
  • Brochure covers
  • DVD packaging
  • Gift boxes

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