**NEW KernowJet MetaliK Inkjet

High performance inkjet media for latex, solvent & UV printers


  • One-sided bright shiny Silver, Gold & Rose Gold
  • Perfect film for lamination on boards, for example Dibond
  • Very smooth finish, close to mirror effect
  • High-tack adhesive for strong permanent adhesion
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Can be cut and weeded


Sample rolls now available, contact sales@kernowcoatings.com or call +44 (0)1326 373147 and a product specialist will be in touch.

Will be available in widths of: 1372mm(54in) & 1524mm(60in)

Face Thickness (76µ/3.0mil) Weight (97gsm)

Adhesion: AFTER 24H 25+ N/25mm


  • Available in Metallic Silver, Gold or Rose Gold
  • Suitable for permanent lamination onto display boards & other smooth surfaces
  • POS decoration with or without print
  • Ideal for shop-fitting, perfumeries, luxury boutiques, and Christmas campaigns
  • Turn any smooth surface into metallic
  • Ideal for packaging with metallic effect, our silver film is recommended for Color Logic® software
  • Combine permanent print and CAD applications, for example doming


Recommended Conditions:

Printroom 15°C – 30°C 30% – 65% RH
Usage -40°C – 80°C 10% – 90% RH
Storage 10°C – 20°C 20% – 50% RH


Shelf Life: 24 months after delivery (under recommended storage conditions)

Sales Sheet

Silver 076SSI English, Deutsch, Francais

Gold 076SGO English, Deutsch, Francais

Rose Gold 076SRG English, Deutsch, Francais


Solvent Latex UV
*** *** ***


* from 3rd Gen HP or later

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