Glass clear 3D effect window graphics for visual merchandising

Kernow Coatings is offering the wide format industry creative solutions that facilitate printers’ work, enhance visual merchandisers’ results, all while saving time and money.

With an unprinted clear substrate, prints will look as if they are suspended in the air. However, the latest developments in printers offering white inks have enabled new and exciting prospects.

A clear substrate, depending on the chosen design, will often require a white layer underneath the coloured elements. This white understrike will bring a punch to the colours and a better opacity to the printed design.

Originally, clear substrates were reserved for screen-printing only and very few UV printers offered white ink. Today, most printer manufacturers provide this option with solvent, UV-cured and even latex inks; these machines have now become more affordable.

Kernow has researched the fastest and easiest ways to apply a glass clear message on a window. The company wanted to make the application as easy and user-friendly as possible and so avoided self-adhesive substrates, which inevitably lead to complicated application or poor results when applied by people without sign hanging experience.

KlearView 142 is a 142μ/5.6mil substrate printable with eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks, while KlearView 125KBC and KlearView 175KBC are UV-printable only with thickness of 125μ/4.9mil and 175μ/6.9mil, respectively. Smaller designs can be printed on 125μ/4.9mil while bigger pieces and hanging displays should be preferably printed on the thicker gauges. All three films offered are 100% PVC-free, being an extra benefit for all brands looking at their environmental footprint.

When professional application cannot be made to avoid air bubbles, simplyapply the display with clear adhesive pads and it’s done in seconds. This is “the perfect solution” to send your prints to all branches of a retail store to make sure it’s applied properly and removed within seconds. As it’s polyester it will not start curling, distort or shrink.

Simply hanging KlearView from the ceiling, multiple clear displays will add depth to a sales message and create amazing 3D effects. Depending on the design, you may not even need white inks to create a unique shop window decoration.

With the support of the Mutoh Europe team, Kernow Coatings has created a video showcasing KernowJet KlearView and its applications. This is available on the Kernow YouTube channel:

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