Kernow Coatings certifies five new KernowPrint Vivid Tear Resistant Synthetics for HP Indigo

For end users and brand owners, KernowPrint Vivids offer an extremely durable way to hit target colors and help call attention to advertising and tags. By incorporating the color into the sheet itself, printers are able to hit extremely consistent, repeatable results without the risk of colors degrading over time through ink scratching, abrasion and moisture. For customers utilizing multiple print locations, the use of KernowPrint Vivids allows for brand consistency across multiple printers and machine types.

According to Dan Lawellin, HP Indigo Materials Product Manager for Kernow Coatings, “Brand owners are always seeking new ways to help draw attention to their brands. With the new KernowPrint Vivids for HP Indigo line, we are helping printers create stunning pieces that are impossible to miss. We’ve seen customer’s use the material for store signage to call attention to products, safety callouts in factories, and merchandise for local sports teams. We’ve even been asked by major brands to create pantone matched sheets so their PSP’s can deliver one-of-a-kind print pieces”.

KernowPrint Vivds for HP Indigo are rolling out worldwide through distributors in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. Kernow plans to expand the distribution into Australia and Africa in early 2018. For regional availability, please contact Kernow Coatings.

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