Kernow Coatings certifies KernowPrint Pro-Lite for HP Indigo

Kernow Coatings, the global leader in the development of digitally printable synthetic substrates, today announced the launch KernowPrint Pro-Lite, an RIT certified white synthetic material built using the company’s proprietary Cobalt Coating Technology.

KernowPrint Pro-Lite expands the range of certified materials for HP Indigo offered by Kernow and provides users with a softer, more flexible synthetic print media than traditional offerings.

KernowPrint Pro-Lite for HP Indigo is a new product line launched to complement the existing KernowPrint Elite synthetic paper launched earlier this year by Kernow. The polypropylene based product has been specifically designed to allow for easy folding, binding, and provides a softer feel than traditional synthetics offered through Kernow. The material takes advantage of the Kernow Cobalt Coating Technology for HP Indigo to create an optimal surface for ink adhesion and color vibrancy while fully controlling static. With the new certification for multi-shot printing, users of able to deliver tear resistant sheets while the non-porous nature of KernowPrint Pro-Lite allows it to easily repel liquids, greases and oils, including harsh industrial chemicals. In addition, Pro-Lite is able to handle repeated folding without the risk of cracking or ripping.

The KernowPrint Pro-Lite range of 8, 10, and 16 mil thick sheets add to the growing range of synthetic materials for HP Indigo driven by Kernow’s Cobalt Coating Technology. The combination of a bright white surface and exceptionally soft feel has earned early success in the menu markets, consumer tag industries, and booklet manufacturers.

“Customers are continuing to see a very diverse range of applications in which customers are wanting to move to synthetic sheet for printing,” states Dan Lawellin, HP Indigo Materials Product Manager for Kernow Coatings. “To address the growing requests from customers, we needed to design a range of products that complement each other and maximize the areas where customers could provide value printing. With Pro-Lite, we can help customers get into a whole new world of tear-resistant applications where the rigidity of other synthetics simply didn’t’ work. With Pro-Lite, customers can fold, saddle-stich, and bind the material and the tactile soft feel of the printed sheet adds a whole new level of customer interaction with the printed piece.”

KernowPrint Pro-Lite for HP Indigo is launching worldwide through distributors in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. For specifics around regional availability, distributors, and sample, please contact your local Kernow Coatings representative.


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